The results speak for themselves – DotPerformance delivers the goods for local courier company

At a Glance

This light-hearted design generates a fluid user experience, enabling a new courier service to provide a long sought-after facility for Isle of Man residents.

The Challenge

Ship2Man provides an indispensable new service: delivering goods to customers on the Isle of Man from off-island retailers who don't allow that option or charge huge premiums to do so. With a compelling new service to offer, the challenge was how to implement it.

Parent company Manx Independent Carriers required an online system which would both allow easy customer registration and backend management by warehouse staff.

Our Approach

Despite the complexity of what is happening in the background, we knew that maintaining cognitive fluency for the end customer was vital.

Speed and usability were key here.

Ship2Man Mobile View

Customer decisions are determined in part on how straightforward a process appears to be: an action appears simple if it is presented simply. With this in mind we put together a deliberately uncluttered site that smooths the user journey from visit to registration.

Working closely with Ship2Man, we developed a bespoke solution that enables staff to easily manage shipments and customer accounts by logging into a web-based control panel.

This system also allows the end customer to calculate estimated shipping costs via the front-end website and login to track the status of their delivery themselves.

An integrated marketing campaign combining search, social media and print marketing helped ensure that the debut of this brand attracted the local attention it deserved.

The Results

The reception has been overwhelmingly positive for Ship2Man. Over 1,000 new customers signed up and more than 100 shipments were fulfilled within the first 60 days.

Our marketing campaign alone, as well as generating 1,500 Facebook likes, resulted in more than 700 registrations.

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