Insights: Education Supply

Digitising the Supply Teaching system

Say goodbye to expensive agency fees and the hassle of early morning phone-arounds. Educational Supply connects schools directly to a pool of qualified, pre-vetted and classroom-ready supply teachers. Like a bat signal, but for schools.
article by Andy Orton
Education Supply

The Big Picture

They provide essential backup for schools but finding the right supply teacher often at the last minute has usually meant one of two things:

  1. Frantic phone calls first thing in the morning and time consuming admin at the end of the month
  2. Racking up huge agency fees by outsourcing.

Challenge #1

How do you develop a super-easy system that gives schools total control over their supply staffing, eases frustration and leaves staff to focus on the things that really make a difference- like teaching?

By developing a bespoke online platform to connect schools directly with teachers. No more phoning around and no more agency fees, we created a digital system that was good for schools, good for teachers, and good for the taxpayer.

Finding good teachers at short notice can be a challenge

Challenge #2

How do you do away with the frantic phone calls?

By enabling schools to:

  1. See the availability of pre-vetted teachers.
  2. Find teachers with specific skill sets/ qualifications.
  3. Place a booking request at the click of a button.
The process that is used for sourcing teaching staff can be adapted to other services

Challenge #3

How do you reduce admin?

By digitising record-keeping. After an assignment, teachers submit their own hours to the head teacher who can then review/ approve and send to payroll.

An example of the the user friendly interface

Challenge #4

How do you help supply teachers get work?

By making their profile highly visible. Once a teacher has been vetted and approved by the education department their information/ availability can be seen by every school in the area.

A range of different page views is available to the user

Challenge #5

How do you keep data safe and secure?

With rigorous and regular security checks on the servers (we use RIPSTECH) to keep data safe and maintain a high level of GDPR compliance.

RIPSTECH scans for vulnerabilties in your site

Challenge #6

How do you streamline HR?

By creating an easy to use interface allowing HR to view and vet new candidates, manage the regional supply team and run monthly reports.

At a glance HR insights

Challenge #7

How do you reduce head teacher workload?

By creating an easy three-click process for heads to review/authorise and submit supply teacher hours to payroll.

As easy as 1-2-3

Challenge #8

How do you create a system that can be rolled out internationally?

Because we built Supply Teachers from the ground-up, we can adapt the technology to fit any school, in any authority, in any country. In the Isle of Man the system currently coordinates 44 schools and 605 teachers. In New Zealand it's 547 schools and 4490 teachers.

The homepage of Education Supply in the Isle of Man

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