Launching an off-road fire engine.

Flying through fire; an epic launch video for Isle of Man Fire & Rescue Service.


To create a short video that promotes the launch of a new Iveco off-road fire engine by Emergency One and showcases its capabilities and features.

Target Audience:

Isle of Man Public, emergency responders, other fire departments and government departments responsible for wildfire management.


The video highlights the benefits of the new off-road fire engine, including its ability to access rugged and remote terrain, its powerful and efficient engine, and its advanced safety features. The video will feature dramatic footage of the fire engine in action, demonstrating its capabilities in real-world scenarios.


  • Utilising First Person View (FPV) drones to create fast paced immersive footage that can't be captured by other means.
  • Gimbal B-roll footage from inside the vehicle and at the scene of the fire
  • 6k Cinema camera on a monopod to create additional footage of the fire engine navigating rough terrain and responding to wildfires
  • Sound design captured in the studio of simulated radio traffic with control centre

Key Messages:

  • The new off-road fire engine is designed to handle the toughest terrains and conditions
  • Its advanced features and capabilities make it an essential tool for emergency responders
  • The fire engine has proven to be reliable and efficient in the field


The video was released in conjunction with the vehicle handover ceremony attended by key Government Officials.
It was also distributed through social media.

Equipment and Crew:

Andy Orton flying the Shendrones Hydrophobe water resistant drone built by QS Labs.

William Oates on RS2 Gimbal with the Fuji XT4.

Juan Readshaw on Zcam S6G 6k Cinema Cam with Monopod.

Sound design by Andy Orton and William Oates with the help of David Cowley.

Editing by William Oates, Andy Orton and John Fulton.