Currently working on...

  • Taking the TT to the next level

    Re-building the digital for the TT Races with interactive timing and video.

    What We Are Doing:

    Positioning, UX design, UI design, development, CMS, live timing, live video, e-commerce, SEO, hosting and security management.

  • Population Growth

    Helping the Isle of Man Government to increase its economically active population with

    What We Are Doing:

    Positioning, branding, UX design, UI design, development, CMS, job search, tax calculators, content marketing, hosting and security management.

  • 26 Source Data Warehouse

    26 Source Data Warehouse

    Helping a financial services company to merge data from 26 different systems into one consolidated data warehouse with a full reports suite.

    What we are doing:

    26 API Connections, Log Monitoring, Elasticsearch, Charting.

  • A Headless Content Management System

    A Headless Content Management System

    Other headless CMS's are limited with relational data, so we're building our own super powerful headless CMS, capable of dealing with a super complex, unlimited number of requirements.

    What we are doing:

    Pure, de-coupled content in SQL databases with over 1000 API connections.

  • The UK's Enterprise Payroll Solution

    The UK's Enterprise Payroll Solution

    The first UK cloud based payroll solution designed to handle millions of transactions for umbrella companies, payroll bureaus and employment agencies.

    What we are doing:

    CRM, Employee Management, Agency and End-Client Management, Contract Management, Timesheets & Portals, Invoices, Salaries, Pensions, Accountancy (HMRC Recognised).

  • Exporting Cheese Internationally

    The Isle of Man Creamery are expanding their markets globally and continue to develop their product offerings at rapid pace.

    What we are doing:

    UX design, UI design, development, CMS, landing pages, direct debit and delivery management.

  • Customer and User Onboarding

    Creating rich interactive experiences on mobile, tablet or desktop increases conversion rates and reduces cost per onboard.

    What we are doing:

    Calculators, quote and pricing engines, video splainers, replacement of paper form and telesales onboarding.

  • Disrupting UK Estate Agency

    We've been working with an ambitious estate agency to find the most effective business and service model, which lies somewhere between a pure online agency and traditional agency.

    What we are doing:

    Valuation booking, viewing booking, diary management, property stats and live property editing, vendor and viewer management, transaction management

  • Solving Delivery Problems

    Working with post offices, hauliers and couriers to digitise and streamline high volume transactional capability whilst enhancing customer self-service and experience offerings.


    Labelling, Pricing Engines, POS Systems, CRM, Messaging Protocols, Logistics Management

  • No Code Workflow Management System

    No Code Workflow Management System

    The future of business processes systems is in no code, i.e. the ability to create and maintain relational databases and workflow engines without writing any code.


    Develop and maintain systems without code, API first, headless, mobile first design.

  • Rebranding A Group

    Rebranding A Group

    We helped ICM Group to segment its customers and create 3 sub brands - Martyn Fiddler (business aviation), ICM Wealth (wealth management) and Dominion Marine (yacht management), complete with full branding service.

    What we did:

    Strategy, positioning, branding, websites, print line, print management, exhibition stands

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