Conister Bank, a year in highlights.

Watch Conister Bank's community highlights video and see the ways in which they've made a difference in their local community.


Conister Bank does a huge amount for the local community and throughout the year we've had the opportunity to capture a lot of it on film.

From sponsoring local sports teams and charity events, to volunteering and supporting local causes, we would highlight the diverse range of ways that Conister Bank has made a positive impact.

The finished product would be a dynamic and inspiring video that showcases Conister Bank's values and its dedication to making a difference in the lives of its customers and community.

Target Audience:

Isle of Man Public, Conister's customers and keystakeholders, the organisations Conister Bank have helped and the Conister team.

Key Messages:

  • Identify key moments and events from the past year that showcase the bank's commitment to giving back to the community.
  • Show that the bank is a fun place to work and how close the team are


The video was released just before the New Year.

Equipment and Crew:

Andy Orton flying various FPV drones throughout the year.

William Oates on RS2 Gimbal with the Fuji XT4.

Steen McFaull on interviews and various shoots throughout the year.

Glenn Whorral on various shoots throughout the period.

Production Assistants: John Beaty, Paula Hamilton, Steen McFaull 

Editing by William Oates, Andy Orton and Steen McFaull.