Sculpt a new you.

Gianni's new digital platform destined for International success.

As business owners, we must periodically assess our strategies and seek out new opportunities for growth.

For Gianni, a highly-regarded fitness and nutrition coach, this meant re-evaluating his business model and developing a new platform that would offer a wider range of options for his clients.

By creating a platform that provided both coached and self-guided programs, Gianni was able to expand his reach and make his services more accessible by providing a more flexible and affordable way for people to achieve their fitness goals.

To bring this vision to life, Gianni teamed up with DotPerformance to create a responsive website that would serve as a powerful tool for his clients' overall transformation.

Taking inspiration from industry leaders like Netflix and Masterclass, the team designed a platform that is centered around video content, providing a user-friendly and engaging experience that will serve Gianni and his clients well for years to come.

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