TT's Golden Hour

A short film covering the remarkable work of one of the world’s fastest response teams at the Isle of Man TT Races.

We got the chance to tell the story of the amazing volunteers behind the TT races. We were in awe of what they do and the progress they make each year toward making a safer event.

Every year thousands of volunteers gather at the TT Races to form one of the world’s most remarkable volunteer teams. They are a vital part of the TT.

The film features in-depth interviews and unique insights into the critical role of the TT Marshals, Travelling Marshals and Medics at the Isle of Man TT Races.

There’s a very real need to encourage more volunteers to join the team for both the TT & MGP.

Parental Advisory: Explicit language

Featuring: Dr Gareth Davies, Conor Cummins, Milky Quayle, Andy Williams, Helen Withers and Zoe Bool.
Story: Andy Orton
Produced by: DotPerformance
Crew: Andy Orton, William Oates, Juan Readshaw, John Beaty, Liam Ruddock
Archive: Isle of Man TT Races, Greenlight Television

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