The Crab that went to Europe

The rebrand of Island Seafare repositions itself to target key market sectors and distribute high-quality seafood to the EU.

Island Seafare is a family-owned business located on the Isle of Man that specialises in the distribution of high-quality shellfish, mainly to the UK & European markets. 

There comes a time for every business where they recognise their brand is outdated and doesn't reflect their business today.

What followed was a complete redesign of their brand along with the redevelopment of their website and content including videography, iconography, structure and new digital tools to make ordering more streamlined.


The monogram logo design is a modern interpretation of the rich heritage and culture of the Isle of Man (Manx). It showcases the letters IS in subtle fusion of Celtic and Gaelic symbolism, bringing together elements that are deeply rooted in the island's traditions.

We feel it encapsulates the island's distinct identity and communicates a sense of pride in its heritage, not only to the local community but also to a global audience. The logo's purpose extends beyond just being a visual a representation. It is strategically employed in both domestic and international markets of seafood trading, serving as a unique identifier for products originating from the Isle of Man.


Standing out from competitors in the industry, Island Seafare's custom-built and handcrafted site offers a visually stunning and user-friendly interface that immerses visitors. The ordering system has been significantly improved and strikingly beautiful video elements enhance customer engagement.

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