The TT Races digitally transformed.

From auto scaling servers to a content management system we called Chameleon.


The Isle of Man TT (Tourist Trophy) Races is the largest motorcycle road race in the world, attracting riders from all over the globe for a two-week event. With a long history dating back to 1907, the TT Races are an important part of the island's culture and economy. To better serve the needs of all stakeholders, including fans, the general public, and the press, the official website of the Isle of Man TT Races was in need of redevelopment.


One of the main challenges of the project was to create a website that could handle the high levels of traffic that it would receive during the two-week event. With thousands of visitors accessing the site simultaneously, it was important to have a solution that could scale to meet the demand.

Another challenge was to provide a range of tools and features that would be useful to different groups of users. Fans would need access to information about the event schedule, rider profiles, and ticket sales. The general public and the press would need access to news updates, photos, and other media.

The site needs to change it's shape at relevant times of year without coding, which would prove to be a content solution unlike any other site we've built.


To meet the challenges of the project, we decided to use Amazon Web Services (AWS) for hosting and autoscaling. By using AWS, we were able to take advantage of the company's global infrastructure and expertise in handling high-traffic events. We also used a range of tools and technologies, such as responsive design, content management systems, and APIs, to create a user-friendly and interactive website.

In addition we would custom build a bespoke Content Management System (CMS) which allows the organisers to change the entire structure of the website at any time of year. This was very complicated to build but now the organisers can change the entire structure themselves. We called it Chameleon.

In addition we would form our own Races Team who built and manned the live timing system throughout the event.


The redevelopment of the Isle of Man TT Races official website was a success. During the two-week event, the website received millions of visitors without any downtime or performance issues. Users were able to access the site quickly and easily, thanks to the autoscaling capabilities of AWS. The website also received positive feedback from stakeholders, who appreciated the range of tools and features that were made available to them.

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