Isle of Man TT Marshals Rostering System.

Roster Systems for the Isle of Man TT's Orange Army.

TT Marshals Rostering Portal

The portal is the key component to allow the marshals to fulfil their roles before, during and after events. We were tasked with creating a globally available digital solution to assist the TTMA in managing thousands of Marshals in over 120 locations around the TT course across multiple sessions within the events fortnight of qualifying and racing...A logistical challenge to say the least! See our response.


Roster Features

  • Register and Sign in
  • View upcoming events
  • Select what dates they would like to marshal
  • Select what locations around the course they would like to marshal
  • Add additional dates if they decide to
  • Track their points for each session marshalled
  • Download documents to help assist them during the event
  • We have tailored the portal to allow Marshals with different roles to perform their duties via their account, this includes:
  • Reviewing manning levels for each Marshal position on the course for each session
  • Easily relocating marshals to new locations to manage these levels
  • Providing Deputy Sector Marshals & Chief Sector Marshals with an overview of each Marshal's experience

New and existing Marshal management

From easy sign up and registration to online training courses and exams, all made accessible and ensuring marshals have all the information they need at the touch of a button.

Handling of sessions and locations

Marshals can confirm their availability for any given day, practice or race session, out of the 124 locations around the course. Real time confirmation on session selections provide an immediate response to both marshals and organisers.

Real time attendance and distribution

For organisers and chief sector marshals, this overview provides a quick way to see manning levels across all sectors and the ability to redistribute marshals where and when necessary. Attendance is also marked in real time assuring appropriate points are awarded.

Simplified view of upcoming events

As well as receiving confirmation via automated system emails, marshals can also view their confirmed sessions via the portal.

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