Going for Gold at the Games

Follow the journey of the Isle of Man's top athletes as they prepare for the 2022 Commonwealth Games in this video series.


The Isle of Man 2022 Commonwealth Games Committee agreed with the goal of creating a series of promotional videos that would showcase the talented athletes representing the Isle of Man in the upcoming games.

We wanted to highlight the dedication and hard work of the athletes, as well as the support and resources provided by the Isle of Man community.

Target Audience:

The Isle of Man public and sports fans across Britain.


After conducting research and interviews with key stakeholders, we developed a creative concept that would focus on the personal stories and training routines of four athlete teams: the Isle of Man Cycling Team, the Isle of Man Swimming Team, the Isle of Man Gymnasts, and the Isle of Man Boxing Team.

To capture the unique perspectives and experiences of each team, we employed a range of filming techniques, including on-location shoots, first-person-view drones, and action footage. We worked closely with the athletes and their coaches to plan out the best times and locations for filming, and we took care to ensure that all necessary permissions and safety measures were in place.

The final videos were edited to include dramatic music, graphics, and weaving together a compelling narrative of determination, teamwork, and community pride.

The videos were released in the lead-up to the games and received widespread attention from both the local and national media including the BBC and ITV. They served as an effective tool for promoting the Isle of Man's participation in the Commonwealth Games and generated excitement and support for the athletes.

Equipment and Crew:

Andy Orton flying multiple first-person view drones including...
Shendrones Siccario built by QS Labs with Freefly Wave Super Slow Motion Camera.
Shendrones Hydrophobe built by QS Labs with Go Pro Hero 10.
Droneco Snapshot built by QS Labs with GoPro Hero 10 Bones.

William Oates on Gimbal with Fuji XT4.

Production Assistants: Paula Hamilton & John Beaty

Editing by William Oates & Andy Orton. 

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