Construction Isle of Man

Construction Isle of Man's goal was to create a one stop shop for all things construction. A single point of contact representing the Island's industry.


We were tasked with developing a brand and website that represented the Isle of Man's construction industry. The core functionality needed to address the needs of all stakeholders including businesses, construction professionals and the general public. The website had to handle several complex tasks such as accreditations and certification management and to highlight the mission of Construction Isle of Man.

Our main goal was to create an easy to navigate and highly accessible website, prioritising the need for users to effortlessly find exactly what they're looking for whilst also showcasing Construction Isle of Man's core values; quality, reliability, safety and integrity.


The new website replaces a paper-based application process for trade professionals with a streamlined paperless onboarding solution. Trade professionals can now apply online to become accredited and renew their accreditations.
The user experience is intuitive and customer-centric, but also functional and informative.
This better aligns with Construction Isle of Man's short and long-term goals, but also creates a centralised point for all trades on the Isle of Man.

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