Video Partner

This is a monthly high-quality video production and marketing service designed for continuous brand engagement.

Your very own crew that plans, shoots, produces, edits, publishes and promotes your video content on a regular basis.

What is a video partner?

A team that sits down with you, plans, shoots, produces and publishes your content on an ongoing basis.

“The time for long, expensive to produce videos are over. You only have to spend some time on any of the social platforms to realise that.

That's why we've designed this service that produces short video content every month. Offering you the most powerful form of media for brand awareness on a regular basis.

Make no mistake however, this isn't throw-away content, it's short, fast paced epics using cinema quality equipment.”

Andy Orton - Founder
  • Promos

    Typically between 30 seconds and 1 minute in length, promos can be filmed in one day and edited in two.

    As well as helping businesses showcase what they have to offer, promo films are also highly effective at enhancing brand awareness: they’re a great way to introduce viewers to your brand and pique their interest in what you have to offer.

  • FPV Drones

    Known as the most immersive footage available, FPV drones are unlike the common DJI camera drones you see.

    Piloted by skilled and experienced pilots, FPV drones can be used to fly-through buildings, follow vehicles at over 100mph, dive waterfalls or do a loop d loop.

  • Interview Studio

    Our interview studio is designed for talking heads and photography headshots with all appropriate lighting and backgrounds to suit your brand.

    We welcome your team into a friendly and comfortable atmosphere and help guide the conversation.

  • Product Studio

    You know those wonderful product shots filmed in super slow motion that show products in amazing light?

    Yes we have all the lighting and wonderful camera's that can achieve incredible results.

  • Super Slow Motion Camera's

    We can now shoot in 2K at over 1000fps or 4K at 422fps. This is in the product studio, out on location, "run & gun" or mounted on an FPV drone!

    The only Freefly Wave Camera on the island provides spectacular and unique footage you won't get from anyone else.

  • Cinema Camera's

    We're proud to be using cinema camera's. Our Zcam E2 6SG and Zcam E2 M4, both create beautiful cinematic footage, the type of stuff you see in the movies.

    This can be used on the ground, in the studio or attached to an FPV drone!

  • HR & Recruitment

    Shoots are fun, different to your team's day job and can really help with morale but moreover such videos are a fantastic way to attract potential employees to your business.

  • Reels

    As TikTok, Facebook, Insta and Youtube turn to reels as their area of focus, brands can’t afford to ignore this short, snappy form of engagement.

    Often between 6 and 30 seconds, these can often be shorter cuts from a body of video content.

  • Events

    Cover your events, broadcast live or produce a highlights video.

    Combining ground crew with FPV footage you can now achieve the most immersive footage possible.

  • campaigns

    Create out of this world campaigns that engage, arrest and compel your audience.

    We believe in the power of impact from promo videos to documentary films with a consistent bold message that tells your brands story.

How we work

Easy and Epic

  • Production

    An experienced team to bring your visions to life. We're on-hand to meticulously plan, direct, shoot and record all things film & photography.

  • Post-Production

    From cutting the raw footage to creating a story or selecting fitting music to applying enhancing colour grades, we're well-versed in it all.

  • Publishing & Boosting

    Publishing is one of the most important steps and often taken for granted. Let us guide you to get the most out of your audience through strategic posting and boosting.

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