Business Design

Co-design your business, value proposition, revenue model, and sales channels with Andy and team.

What is?

Digital Business Design

Digital Business Design is our consultancy and prototyping service where clients work alongside DotP founder Andy Orton and the extended team who help to make a business desirable for customers, financially viable for stakeholders, and feasible to build and deliver to the world.

It involves numerous co-design workshops, prototyping of solutions and design decisions at every step. 

It aims to firmly establish value proposition and offer, revenue model, and sales channels.

Whether you’re working on new initiatives and ventures inside an existing business, or you’re an entrepreneur ready to bring a startup to life, this servicer will help you de-risk your business ideas and craft a sustainable business model that is rooted in the people you wish to serve.

Service Outcomes

  • Remove risk from creating new business models and get to product-market fit faster.
  • Build stronger, more innovative solutions that solve real needs for your customers.
  • Prototype and iterate components of your business model to unlock more value from an existing product or service.
  • Determine which offer, revenue model, and sales channel will work for your business.
  • Draft a business blueprint to move your concept forward and get buy-in from others.
  • When should I use business design?

    Whether you're venturing into new initiatives within an established business or taking the leap as an entrepreneur to bring a startup to life, our team offers you a giant leap toward making it successful.

    We are most suited to business models that will be heavily reliant on digital, you'll be a traditional business of a digital first mindset or you'll be making a digital service or product.

  • How will it work in practice?

    Our first introductory meeting is free and from there you can determine if you wish or need to arrange further co-design workshops.

    We organise a series of face to face co-design workshops where we discuss each facet of your business and often prototype live using Figma.

    Prototyping and research tasks can be taken away and made ready for our next meeting.

  • How much does it cost?

    Your initial 1 hour meet and and greet is free.

    Thereafter each half-day co-design workshop is £400 + VAT.

    Prototyping/ research days are charged at £585 per day + VAT.

    You can use this service until you feel ready to start the final design.

Who you'll work with

Who's on your business design team?

  • Andy

    Andy's spent over 15 years advising start-ups and established businesses on their digital business models, helping to shape them toward success.

  • Simon

    Simon King is our development lead, here to assist with the investigation of technical feasibility, systems and integrations that maybe required to bring your business to life.

  • Adrian

    Adrian assists with rapid prototyping and defining how customers will interface with your business.

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