Solving Isle of Man delivery problems.

Read how our teams helped Ship2Man to solve Isle of Man delivery problems.

Ship2Man is a freight forwarder that specialises in solving parcel delivery problems between the Isle of Man and the rest of the world.

To streamline the process for customers, Ship2Man partnered with DotPerformance to design and develop a brand, website, and digital platform.

DotPerformance's solution involved creating a simple system for customers to sign up and receive a UK mainland delivery address. Customers could then use this address at checkout for any parcels they wanted to be forwarded to their Isle of Man home address. The system developed by DotPerformance controlled the entire flow of the operation, from the initial sign-up to the final delivery, and was designed to provide an optimal customer experience.

The team at DotPerformance worked closely with Ship2Man to understand the company's unique needs and goals. They created a strong and distinct brand identity, incorporating the signature green and white colour scheme and bold lettering that has become a familiar sight on the roads of the Isle of Man.

The website developed by DotPerformance was user-friendly and visually appealing, making it easy for customers to sign up and use the service. The digital platform was intuitive and streamlined, ensuring a smooth and efficient process for both Ship2Man and its customers.

Thanks to the successful design and development of Ship2Man's brand, website, and digital platform, the company has seen an increase in customer engagement and overall business growth.

The solution created by DotPerformance has proven to be a valuable asset for Ship2Man, helping the company to solve complex parcel delivery problems and provide exceptional service to its customers.