Employee Benefits.

A solution for global employment. Branding and website development for Finance Isle of Man.

Employee Benefits Isle of Man is an economic cluster for businesses providing services to the international employee benefits programmes. It aims to promote the Isle of Man globally as a centre of excellence for employee benefits, grow existing, and attract new, employee benefits businesses to the Island.


Brand Guide

The primary element of the signature is the stylised EB. This dynamic symbol is the defining feature of the design system. It is inspired by inwards and outwards deltas, representing ideas and information in a two-way motion/direction. The brand guide serves as a source of inspiration for what is possible. The supporting assets are flexible and intuitive, with endless possibilities to sustain and grow Employee Benefits' marketing collateral, on and off online.

Colour System

Colour plays an important role in communicating EB’s brand personality. The colour system is complimentary to the core colour values, allowing flexibility within the brand's positioning and communications.


We were entrusted with the task of developing a website that effectively portrays the identity of Employee Benefits and highlights the extensive range of solutions they offer to businesses worldwide. Our focus was on creating a highly accessible website, prioritising ease of use and enabling visitors to effortlessly find the information they need. Building upon the recently designed logo and brand guidelines, we crafted a modern and visually appealing website that perfectly aligned with Employee Benefits' desired look and feel. The website seamlessly adapts to different devices, ensuring a consistent experience across desktops, tablets, and mobiles. By incorporating the brand's assets and utilizing captivating imagery, we reinforced the messaging and created a compelling narrative throughout the website.

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