Customer Onboarding 

Still onboarding customers in weeks? Onboard in minutes with full KYC, AML and contract terms agreed.

Designed for companies who need to identify and onboard their customers in a compliant manner, our services can significantly reduce time to onboard and drastically increase sales.

Customer Onboarding

Allow your customers to onboard in minutes instead of weeks.

Are you still onboarding customers with old-school paper-based methods, relying on posting or email copies of applications?

Change the way you work, reduce the time and increase the volume. With digital onboarding, you'll remove the lethargy in your operations.

This is the ideal solution for any business that needs to collect KYC, adhere to AML regulations and manage contracts with their clients.

Andy Orton - Director
  • Identity Verification

    To simplify the process of verifying your clients' identities, we integrate systems that make the process fast and easy. The result is a streamlined and seamless onboarding experience that makes it hassle-free for your customers

  • Age Verification

    We can implement a solution to verify that your customers are of an appropriate age to use your services.

  • esignatures

    Electronic signatures provide greater accuracy and security than wet signatures, and can streamline your processes.

    We have experience implementing e-signature systems that are reliable and effective.

  • AML Screening

    By integrating an AML screening software that accesses various databases, such as sanctions lists, you can efficiently and accurately verify your customers.

    These systems can also continuously monitor your client base and provide regular risk reports.

  • Adverse Media Checks

    A customer's information can be checked against various worldwide databases that contain information about sanctions, watchlists, and adverse media. This is known as an adverse media check.

  • Contract Management

    Our contract management systems, developed in-house, give you the ability to manage contract renewals, track contracts, and provide you with an audit trail.

    These systems allow you to keep control over your contracts and ensure that everything is properly managed.

  • GDPR Compliance

    Our security architecture and continuous daily management practices ensure that everything we do is secure and compliant. We can also help you meet any regulatory requirements, including those set forth by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


What sets us apart?

  • Performance

    Our onboarding solutions are designed and built by digital marketers who understand how to effectively motivate users to take action. This results in the highest possible conversion rates and fast loading speeds, ensuring optimal performance.

  • Solution agnostic

    Our approach is flexible and allows for integration with a wide range of specialist providers. If you already use certain solutions, we can work with them. If not, we can help you find or create new solutions that meet your needs. Our approach is solution agnostic, meaning that we are open to working with a variety of options.

  • Secure & Compliant

    Security architecture & continuous daily management is behind everything we do. We can also guide you in meeting any regulatory mandate including GDPR.

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