Design Teams

This design focused team propels your brand to the next level. Creating & extending your identity, perfecting your look & feel, and enhancing your message.

We work on a continuous basis, improving every touch point to make them instantly recognisable, impactful and effective.

Why a design team?

Bring impact and professionalism to everything your customer sees.

Continuously improve your brand, products, services and processes with a team made up of skilled designers each specialised in different disciplines.

Every touch point with a brand should be purposeful, deliberate and create wow.

With this team you'll benefit from decades of experience in business design, branding, graphic design, UX and UI design and product design.

Andy Orton - Founder
  • Creating a new brand?

    From brand naming to domain registration, business modelling to securing finance, we'll be here to guide you through the whole design process and launch a successful brand.

    Our team is well versed in how to make it successful, how to identify your niche, how to appeal to them, how to talk to them and how you can take more market share rapidly.

  • Your own design team

    A mutli-disciplinary team capable of working across all areas of your brand communications; be it your user-interfaces, brochures, livery and signage, event displays or even social content.

    You'll be assured that every piece of content is reviewed, honed, purposeful and impactful.

  • Filling a design demand?

    Perhaps your in-house team is stretched, doesn't quite have the resources required and you need a cost effective way of accessing the skills you need without hiring?

    Our design teams may be the perfect fit to deal with your overflow and work in harmony with your in-house team.

  • Refreshing your brand?

    If your business is heading in a new direction or feeling stagnant our design team can help you grow into a more attractive place to be.

    Rebrands are as much about your team as it is your customers - both use it to feel connected. Our design teams are skilled in harnessing new visions, re-uniting your team, re-establishing market share and in general creating a brighter future.

  • Rafts of Social Content?

    Even small businesses require huge amounts of branded content on a regular basis in this era of a social media society.

    To do this effectively you'll need a consistent design quality, colour palette, way of talking and organised posting schedule.

    We can provide designers, copywriters, photographers, videographers and social media managers to suit your budget.

  • Designing a website?

    With over 200 years of combined experience in digital we are well qualified to help you design your new site.

    We don't get involved in templates or WordPress. Our sites are bespoke, unique, powerful, beautiful, easy to use and secure.

    Our website design team comprises UX and UI Designers, Creative Directors, Copywriters, Photographers and Videographers offering you every skillset to produce websites that operate in the top 10% of all sites worldwide.

  • Livery & Signage

    From stunning vehicle livery to outdoor signage and even interior office design, your new design team makes your brand unmistakable.

    Our specialists carefully consider everything, from contrast to spacing, to ensure your message creates the impact it deserves.

  • Designing for Print?

    Yes some people still use paper!

    In addition to the required business stationary we can design your brochures, flyers, direct mail etc and manage the print process for you to ensure quality and cost effectiveness.

  • Making an Online Business?

    Need to think like Netflix or Amazon? Maybe your plan is to disrupt a market or perhaps it's something much simpler than that.

    Our service gives you access to design thinking based on decades of experience making online businesses. Enjoy disruptive ideas, innovative business models and great user experience design.

How we work

Simple Monthly Service

  • Monthly Planning Meetings

    During our monthly planning meetings, we carefully schedule all proposed work for the upcoming month.

  • Simple Monthly Fees

    You have control over your budget and we will take care of the rest, ensuring that there are no financial surprises.

  • Take a break

    You are free to take breaks at your convenience without incurring any penalties or notice periods. You can resume work whenever you are ready.

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