Brand Identity

Create a much stronger brand with our expertly crafted and impactful brand identity design solutions.

Brand Identity Design

Today there's a plethroa of options for creating your logo and brand identity. You could use templates, apps and AI. We believe in the tried old tested method of using a specialist Graphic Designer combined with our Creative Director. Here's why:

Immediate Opinion
It takes less than two-tenths of a second for someone to form an opinion about a logo.

People can remember a logo they saw for just one second almost as well as one they saw for longer periods of time.

The Challenge

Creating a brand identity that truly captures a brand's essence, connects with the target audience, and stands out from competitors can be quite a challenge. As designers, we need to understand the audience, maintain consistency, ensure longevity, consider legal and cultural factors, and collaborate effectively to overcome these hurdles.

The Impact

A well-executed brand identity has a powerful impact. It sets a brand apart from the crowd, fosters recognition, builds trust, forges emotional connections, ensures consistency, opens doors for brand expansion, and gives a competitive edge. It influences how consumers perceive a brand, drives engagement, and plays a crucial role in business success.

The Process

Once engaged we meet face to face or via web conference for your brand workshop. Here we will attempt to understand your business, your customers, values, differentiators and brand personality.
After your first workshop we start with concept creation and design execution.
We meet again to present the concepts and understand your likes and dislikes.
After this a final draft of your identity is established alongside brand guidelines.
Finally we are able to apply and launch the identity across different platforms and touch points.

The Outcome

The outcome of a brand identity is a cohesive and distinctive representation that brings a brand's essence, values, and personality to life. It encompasses visual elements like logos, colors, typography, and imagery. A well-designed brand identity leads to increased brand recognition, sets the brand apart from competitors, builds customer trust and loyalty, creates emotional connections, ensures a consistent brand experience, and provides a competitive advantage. It influences consumer perceptions, drives engagement, and ultimately contributes to the brand's success and growth.

The Cost

For smaller businesses or startups, the cost of brand identity design starts from £30000.  This generally includes services such as a design workshop, logo design, color palette selection, typography, brand guidelines, and basic collateral design.

For larger companies or organizations with more extensive needs, such as multiple sub-brands or complex brand architecture, the cost can be significantly higher. It may also include additional services such as brand positioning, market research, comprehensive brand guidelines, brand implementation across various touchpoints, and ongoing brand management.


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