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When big people logistics require smart digital solutions

4 weeks per year, 6500 volunteers over a 37.72 mile course with changing weather conditions and race times. How do you digitise that?
article by Andy Orton
TT Marshals - Event Staffing Software

The Big Picture

For four weeks every year, the TT Marshals’ Association mobilises thousands of volunteers to provide vital support around the world-famous TT Mountain course.

The Course is 37.72 miles long, includes more than 200 corners and requires more than 500 marshals for every practice and race session.

When you're dealing with an event where racing speeds can exceed 200mph, the bottom line is this: If marshals are not in the right place at the right time, racing halts.

Challenge #1

How do you position and manage thousands of volunteer marshals around a 37.72-mile course over a period of 14 days?

First, we must understand the old way

  • Time consuming rotas (key man dependency)
  • Locally stored database and no shared database (two separate systems, one for marshals and one for office staff)
Old staffing rota view: heavy admin burden and time consuming to manage

Then we need to wireframe a new way

Wireframing is a method we use to think and start to layout how users could interact with screens. It’s the first primal attempt at delivering a potential solution. Wireframes ignore colours, design, graphics and presentation, making it faster to put something together quickly and easy to change.

In this case we used Balsamiq - a super easy wireframing tool to scope the screens

Making it hi-fidelity

Once the wireframes are fully constructed, it’s time to think about how it will actually look and start to turn the wireframes into deep interactive experiences.

In this case we used Sketch to produce hi-fidelity designs for all the screens

It had to be thumb-friendly

Marshals will access the portals on their mobile devices, tablets and desktops, the interface needs to be responsive, uncluttered, thumb-friendly, simple to use and easy to navigate for all end users, regardless of their device.

Did you know?

Over 60% of web traffic is cross device now

It had to be always up

The system can simply not go down, using Amazon Web Services we installed an auto scaling system which gets bigger in peak periods and contracts when the traffic is quieter, resulting in 100% uptime and lower hosting costs.

Did you know? Many people thing a website uptime of 99% is good but that means your website is down for 87.6 hrs per year.

It had to be secure

For systems that carry personal data and in respect to GDPR, the data controller has to ensure systems are continuously security tested, our solution included code scanning, firewalls and privacy by design.

Did you know?

GDPR requires your websites to be tested for vulnerabilities on an ongoing basis? Over 83% of websites are currently insecure.

Challenge #2

How do you improve vital communications between marshalls around a road racing course that is 37.72 miles long?

Email and SMS with conditional triggers

Through the portal we enabled trigger-conditioned email and SMS, enabling Chief Sector Marshals and Deputy Sector marshals to keep all stakeholders informed with individual or mass digital communications.

Did you know?

Emails and SMS can be automated based on conditional scenarios of user activity.

Challenge #3

How do you attract new volunteers throughout the year while retaining your experienced marshals?

Website Revamp

Our website revamp brought real, human centric photography and informative articles to the association’s 'shop window'. It was designed to be very people focused and show how enjoyable the races can be when you’re closer to the action.

It would fuel more interest while instilling a sense of pride in established marshals. The rebranding also ensured consistency in all external communications with new volunteers.

Visit to see the site

Challenge #4

How do you coordinate training and maintain records for more than 6,500 volunteers every year?

E-learning Platform

Using a deep integration with its Leaning, our portal was developed to allow each marshal to update and manage their own training schedule, record training history and provide audit records to the organisation.

its Learning is an education hub

Could your event benefit from clever staffing solutions?

If you’re looking for event staffing software, rota management, staff scheduling system or e-learning platform, our services and products could save you hundreds of hours of administration and vastly improve efficiencies.


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