Insights: Virtual Queuing

Who enjoys waiting in a queue?

Ask any of your customers if they enjoy waiting in a queue and the resounding answer will be “No!” We've made queues a thing of the past with our virtual queue app.
article by John Beaty

The outbreak of COVID-19 has forced every business to adapt their approach to how they interact with their customers forcing many customers to queue outside to control the numbers passing through your doors.

Queues create stress and frustration for customers as they have to patiently (you hope) wait their turn. Virtual queues fix these problems.

Introducing a Virtual Queue system for your business creates a low touch, socially distancing solution. It turns your ‘physical queue’ into a ‘virtual queue’.

Frustrated customers become delighted customers.

Benefits to your customers

  • Avoids any physical queues. Once they've joined, customers no longer need to wait outside. They can stay at home, in the car or go and enjoy a coffee. They only arrive when they need to.
  • Simple and Straightforward. Visit a webpage or scan a QR code to enter their details and join the queue in a few simple steps. They receive a text & email when it’s their turn.
  • Offer a more personalized service experience. Custom outbound messaging allows you to personalise the customer experience.
  • Let them decide when they want to arrive. They can easily see how many people are already in the queue and the estimated waiting time, leaving them free to plan their own customer journey.
  • Grow your customers. Removing the inconvenience of queuing will delight your customers, old and new.
Simply scan a QR code or visit the website, enter your details and receive a text confirming you're in the queue.

Empower your people

For employers, virtual queuing offers a modern customer experience in a healthy environment. 

  • Enhance customer workflow. Add in a “service selection” to manage employees' workloads and complement their skillsets.
  • Safety for your employees. By managing the queue virtually, it reduces the pressure of employees managing queues in-store and allows them to concentrate on the customer they are serving.
  • Fully Automated. Customers automatically join and leave the queue by themselves. Employees can manually update when required, giving you the best of both worlds.
  • Custom fields. Any data necessary can be captured before customers join the queue making customer categorisation simple.
  • Cloud-based. Employees can access the virtual queue application from any device at any time for zero interruptions to queue workflow.
Easily manage your queue, see who's joined, update their status, switch queues on/off and more...

Who needs this? Are you a gym owner? Do you manage a busy hair salon?

These are just some of the industries that would benefit from our solution.

  • Banks & Professional Institutes
  • Hair and Beauty Salons
  • Restaurants
  • Attractions
  • Bars and Nightclubs
  • Government buildings
  • Retail stores
  • Pharmacies
  • Healthcare Centres
  • Fitness Establishments & Gyms
  • Jewelers

Literally, any business with a queue. Not sure if this works for you? Please get in touch

What we offer

A Complete Cloud-based solution. Including a bespoke designed responsive website and a secure application for managing your queue. Services include:

  • Customer Self Service. Allow customers to add themselves to the queue making the process much faster.
  • Multichannel Queue Entry. From a customisable form, email address or dedicated text number we can add your customers to a virtual queue.
  • Instant Messaging. Personalise each customer's experience by sending automated SMS & Email notifications telling them where they are in the queue and when they're expected.
  • Clear CTA’s.
    • Simple for customers to join the queue.
    • Who is being served
    • How many customers are waiting to be served
    • Where customers are in the queue.
    • Average waiting times.
    • Option for customers to leave the queue.
  • Security. We do this as standard by using a hosting environment that is GDPR compliant with a strong security model built-in. We also scan for vulnerabilities before a site and application go live.

Add ons

  • Multiple Service Lines. If you have more than one location or offer multiple services we can segment these so the customer is always in the right queue.
  • Print Posters. We will design posters for your business that will be optimised for print customised with your logo, branding, a QR code, and clear instructions about your virtual queue.
We can create professional posters, business cards and other stationery to allow people to quickly and easily join your queue.

Virtual Queuing in Hair and Beauty

For any hair salon or beauty salon that wants to offer the walk-in option, customers want the flexibility of not having to book weeks in advance for an appointment.

A virtual queue removes all of the issues faced on a daily basis,

  • Manage spikes and quiet periods more effectively.
  • Having to reschedule appointments if a stylist or therapist calls in sick.
  • No loss in revenue when appointments fail to show.

But instead,

  • Allows staff to concentrate on the customers in the salons and not worry about the customers in the queue.
  • Have customers enjoy the flexibility that they can check the queue online before joining from a check-in kiosk, in their car, their office, or sitting at home.
  • Use text or email alerts to let them know when it's the customer's turn.

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Could your business benefit from a virtual queue?

If you’re looking for a virtual queue application to ensure the safety of your customers, staff and business or e-learning platform, our services and products could be the answer for you.


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