Insights: Dominion Marine - Branding and Digital

Making a remarkable and customer centric brand for ultra-high net worth's

How do you wow ultra-high net worth individuals and their advisory teams? How do you articulate your value to the extent that your competition becomes irrelevant?
article by Andy Orton
Dominion Marine - Branding and Digital

The Big Picture

Dominion Marine was already a market leader in super-yacht corporate services, but its marketing was handled under a group brand with multiple divisions. If we could separate the brand we believed we could create a more relevant customer focussed brand and prepare it for a period of high growth.

Challenge #1

How do we understand the business, its customers, and articulate its value?

There's nothing better than a good workshop

A series of workshops with senior members of the Dominion Marine team gave us the chance to form an in-depth understanding of the company and its stakeholders. No stone was left unturned as we identified and articulated a crystal clear definition of the value the company delivers to clients.

Your vision, our expertise

The workshop process is a valuable exercise for both parties

Profiling customers

Bespoke positioning, targeted advertising, succinct copy and effective pitches all depend on developing deep insights about your customers.

  • Who are they?
  • What do they need?
  • How do you meet those needs?
  • What are their pain points?
  • How can you eliminate those pain points?
  • How do they find you?
  • Once you have their eyes, what's your pitch?
  • What objections might they raise?
  • How do you overcome those objections?
  • What's the best outcome?
Getting to know you

LinkedIn- a great source of customer profiles

Writing a brand promise

Finding the right value proposition for your company is about getting back to basics, setting real client expectations, generating excitement and instilling trust that your company can and will deliver on its promise.

Let your value shine through

The best brands create a special relationship with clients

Challenge #2

How do we give this brand a meaningful and remarkable identity?

Developing a logo mark

A brilliantly designed logo helps build trust and inspire brand recall. Our designers created a logo that was unique, instantly recognisable, scalable, meaningful, memorable and relevant.

Creating a meaningful identity

International nautical symbols are behind the idea for Dominion Marine's logo design

Instantly recognisable

To reflect Dominion Marine's heritage and expertise we wanted to tell a BIG nautical story in a snapshot.

The hidden meaning

Dominion Marine's year of establishment is decoded as '84'

Challenge #3

How do we make every touchpoint beautiful, easy and remarkable?

Literature and Communications

With the logo established we were able to sweep elegantly and consistently through DM's entire portfolio (print and digital) to maximise the effect of every single touchpoint.

Integrated content and communications

Dominion Marine’s customers receive a host of digital and printed information produced under one roof


Dominion Marine is an established and trusted brand in the superyacht sector and its website needed to reflect that. Our experts designed a world-class, highly credible and easy to find site that was secure, beautiful, reliable and always up. We also used relevant online articles to extend brand positioning.

Web content that is up to date and relevant

An example of one of Dominion Marine's news pages

Exhibition Stands

High-profile international SuperYacht events provide the perfect opportunity to meet and influence decision makers. We created exceptional exhibition branding to help the company stand out from the crowd and position it firmly as a dynamic market leader with a wealth of industry experience.

We help extend Dominion Marine's brand message beyond digital and print

Dominion Marine's exhibition stand in Monaco

Challenge #4

How do we make user experiences more exciting and conversion rates higher?

Calculators and Tools

Rich interactive web experiences can showcase and highlight the importance of a brand in an immediate and bespoke way. Our VAT calculator was designed to increase conversion rates by underpinning the high value of Dominion Marine's services.

Web content that is tailored to the audience

Dominion Marine's site features a VAT calculator and other useful tools that help it's audience

What’s your branding challenge?

Perhaps you have new leadership, a new vision, or a new product line? Maybe you’re realigning after a merger/demerger or need to push through a growth plateau. Whatever the challenge, we have the solution.


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