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How 3 local fitness and sports clubs are navigating the coronavirus pandemic

We look at how three local businesses in the fitness and sports club sectors have adapted their business models in light of Covid-19. 
article by Andy Orton
Fitness Sector

The outbreak of COVID-19 has delivered a dramatic blow to businesses all over the world.

We look at how three local businesses in the fitness and sports club sectors have adapted. 

Gianni Fabrizio

After 15-years with the Isle of Man constabulary, Gianni launched his own online fitness consultancy in 2015. His online platform and package allows people from all walks of life, from anywhere in the world, to access bespoke nutritional planning and training regimes, structured accountability, alongside an educational program which enables them to manage their health and wellbeing around their lifestyle.


-Ensure content quality for paying customers, regular contact and positive encouragement of how to maximise the product/ service available.
-Drive all your energy into your existing clients rather than promoting your services externally.
-Be adaptable and move with the climate - use whatever resources you can and become even more creative. If you're stuck, reach out to others, don’t be afraid to ask, we’re in this together.

Conrad Roberts

Conrad launched his business teaching Brazilian jiu Jitsu in February 2018.  He subsequently opened his own academy Gracie Barra Isle of Man (an affiliate to the global organisation Gracie Barra) in Hills Meadow earlier this year.


-Adapt to survive. We moved our entire training schedule online and it seems to be working for our clients.  Although we are totally dependent on them sticking with us despite the fact they are potentially facing their own financial difficulties.    
-Work together. It’s never been more important. We are working with other businesses to bring fresh and original content to our clients to make sure we remain worthy of their continued support.
-Ask for help. Most businesses and people are struggling right now so don’t be afraid to ask for the help from the government, your landlord or clients and business partners. 

Erin and Dan Bonnet

This husband and wife team opened Crossfit Isle of Man in 2012.  The pair, who specialise in group training sessions, also opened a new facility in Peel on 1st March. When they were forced to close their doors last month they phrased it to clients like this: “When you think of CrossFit IoM, you can break it down into 6 main areas: The facility, programming, coaching, 24/7 support, free workout trackers and community.  Closing our doors means we are taking away the four walls but the rest remains.”


-Offer online alternatives and education. On top of five home workouts each week, we are offering several weekly sessions and a range of seminars on everything from nutrition to mind set. 
-Help people follow social distancing rules. We rent out free gym equipment so people can keep fit without leaving the house.
-Use social media. We run a Facebook competition each week for the most creative home training video and we also have a daily lockdown challenge.
-Keep your community strong. We created a plan to keep everyone as fit and healthy as possible over the next few weeks and we’re also running a daily lockdown challenge to help bring people closer together.

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