Insights: Yoga and fitness classes

How yoga teachers and fitness instructors can quickly move classes online

Tips for yoga teachers and fitness instructors responding to the coronavirus crisis
article by Andy Orton
Yoga and fitness classes

If you’re a yoga teacher or fitness instructor about to hang up your mat until the end of the coronavirus pandemic, please STOP!

With so many of us forced into self-isolation your services are needed more than ever.

By creating an online community you can continue to teach clients and promote your work.

Here are some very simple steps to help you move your practice online.

1) Create a Facebook Group and invite your existing clients to join

This is where you can share information and updates to your online class schedule.  

2) Set up an account with an online video conferencing channel

Any of the following work well:

Google Hangouts -
Zoom -
Facebook Live -

3) Create a payment option for your clients

You will need a system that requires little or no support from you. We recommend a Paypal business account.

4) Set a time for live tutorials and share the following information with your Facebook group:

The benefits of staying active during a lockdown
Class schedule
Reminders of up and coming classes
How to access your chosen video conference channel
Where/ how to access the recording after the event.

5) Follow these recording tips

Plug your device in to keep the screen bright
Set up bright lighting 
Keep the camera steady- don’t hold it.
Do a test recording to check sound levels and picture quality
Minimise background noise and lock out children and pets!

6) Prepare your class and start the online video conference to present live to your audience.

Don't forget to record the video.

7) Post the video to your Facebook Group

This helps clients who couldn't attend but also gives you a powerful marketing tool to attract more work

8) Post your video outside your Facebook group

You can promote the recording of your class organically but if you’d like to boost your reach you can also pay for a Facebook promotion. 

Remember it takes time to be comfortable on camera and in the beginning you’ll be distracted by technology. It’s important to give yourself the time to nail the tech and find your own presentation style.

Wishing you a very successful first class!

If you are struggling and require professional support, then please get in touch. 

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