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How your eatery, restaurant or cafe can rapidly launch an online delivery and/or a click and collect service

Tips to keep your food business going during the coronavirus downturn
article by Andy Orton
Food service

The rapidly escalating coronavirus outbreak is hitting businesses hard. We've had a number of enquiries about how to set up an online delivery and/or click and collect service.

Here are some useful tips to get you started. 

1) Set up PayPal for business

Set up and follow procedures for lifting limits on a PayPal business account. It’s best to do this now because you will need it later.

2) Post your menu on Facebook

You can also boost the Facebook post using paid promotion. Initially we would recommend offering a telephone ordering service to get trading started.

3) Have your menu photographed

This will be required for more sophisticated online ordering later on. There's a skill to food photography - the more appetising the images, the higher your conversion rate. So it's worth investing the time to do this properly.

4) Look at what's out there

A number of marketplaces are springing up online, see what you can learn from them. 

5) There's power in numbers

See if you can join forces with other suppliers on their deliveries.  

6) Future-proof your business

Long-term you may want to start planning a shopping cart and delivery management system.This will require investment upfront but it will pay off. Google is your friend so start researching your options now. is an example of a service that could help.
For a more sophisticated option, consider setting up yourself with a service like which when combined with provides a high quality and robust experience.

If you are struggling and require professional support, then please get in touch. 

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