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Creating a world class recruitment website to rival the digital disruptors

How could we help an established recruitment agency capitalise on the latest technology while reinforcing the advantages of using a recruitment agency?
article by Andy Orton
Search and Select

The Big Picture

With a plethora of digital tools and platforms available to all, the lure of in-house recruitment has never been stronger. How could we help an established recruitment agency capitalise on the latest technology while reinforcing the advantages of using a recruitment agency?

Challenge #1

How do you produce a remarkable and world class recruitment site in 2019?


We deliver a top-tier service requiring us to form an in depth understanding of our clients. That means sitting down in a workshop to talk about the company, its history, values, mission and the industry challenges thrown up by digital disruptors like LinkedIn.

Your vision, our expertise

The workshop process is a valuable exercise for both parties

Customer Profiling

Bespoke positioning, targeted advertising, succinct copy and effective pitches all depend on developing deep insights about your customers.

  • Who are they?
  • What do they need?
  • How do you meet those needs?
  • How do they find you?
  • Once you have their eyes, what's your pitch?
  • What are their pain points?
  • What objections might they raise?
  • How do you overcome objections/ pain points?
  • What's the best outcome?

Objection Led Copywriting

Using a unique objection led copywriting approach, we take the most cynical customer profile, look at their objections to using recruitment agencies and dispel the myths using positive reinforcement of why agencies are still the most direct route to successful recruitment.


Wireframing is a method we use to think and start to layout how users could interact with screens. It’s the first primal attempt at delivering a potential solution. Wireframes ignore colours, design, graphics and presentation, making it faster to put something together quickly and easy to change.

The skeleton of a website

Our digital transformation

Smart UX

We developed a mobile friendly three-click job search with powerful search and filter functions.

Ae eexample of Search and Select’s easy searchability from its new revamped site


To ensure seamless browsing and increased conversion rates we built the site as a progressive web app. That means the site also behaves as a mobile app which is four-times faster than the average website and works even with limited/ no internet connection.

Thumb-friendly design

Candidates and employers access websites on mobile so we ensured the Search and Select site was responsive, uncluttered, simple to use and easy to navigate for all end users, regardless of their device.

How the website looks on different devices

On the face of it

The human face triggers emotions and adds personality to a website. We profiled each of the consultants at Search and Select and extended the personal touch by matching candidates with their own recruitment expert.

Digital with the human touch

Bomb-proof security

We do this as standard by using a hosting environment that is GDPR compliant with a strong security model built in. We also scan for vulnerabilities before a site goes live.

Resilient and secure hosting

No more admin overload

With front-end development, we transformed the company's internal management system to create a single data store. The system means tighter security, a reduction in mistakes and a lighter admin load. All designed to save the company time and money while preparing it for a period of growth.

Website development drives business and builds trust

What’s your digital challenge?

Nailing your digital means the difference between surviving and thriving - talk to us about the DotPerformance transformation.


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