Advertising is dead. Long live content marketing.

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Ads are boring

The majority of us simply discard the unwelcome clutter, especially when it's obviously trying to sell us something. So let's be plain: content marketing is not advertising.

Creating original content that is actually interesting to your customers is the way to build up brand trust and to open a conversation with your audience.

The best examples inspire customers to sign up by tempting them with high quality, unique content that is specifically interesting to them. For a pitch-perfect example of this, check out Airbnb Places.

According to a survey conducted by the Content Marketing Institute, businesses in the US are investing around 30% of their marketing budget in content marketing. The message is clear: ignore this trend at your peril.

What's in it for you?

Generating leads
Customers who have been drawn in by your content are more likely to leave their contact details. You can encourage visitors to do this by offering privileged access as a reward, as Airbnb do.

Customer reinforcement
Providing good content that is useful and interesting to your customers will cement your relationship. It is essential to consider the conversations you can have with your customers, rather than just the sales.

Greater brand recognition
Content that addresses current or controversial topics will often be taken up and spread around social networks. As a result of this, you will increase your brand recognition and influence.

Image development
Regularly publishing high-quality content means that you will establish a reputation for your business as a thought leader within your industry. Automated investing service Betterment, does this excellently.

Make Friends and Influence People

If you're wondering whether content marketing is right for your business, then it probably is. Generating engaging content will help you establish your brand's personality without putting pressure on your customers.

This is how Ben and Jerry's present themselves as a socially responsible organisation and how drinks brand innocent create the jovial tone that belies their savviness.

Convinced? Our next article will tell you how.

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