Have Yourself a Very Techie Christmas

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Christmas comes but once a year, thankfully. When it does, use it as an excuse to splurge on some thrilling soft and hardware for the pixel-loving people in your life.



For proper film buffs. Forget trawling through the dross on popular subscription sites – Mubi's films are curated, with a new one available every day. For £5.99 a month, offer your loved one an array of challenging, novel and astonishing examples of cinema from around the world. Russian satire, Chinese thrillers and a mammoth Filipino odyssey await.

Fisher Price Code-a-Pillar


This appealing toy is an excellent way to introduce pre-school children (it's designed for ages 3-6) to sequencing, coding and critical thinking skills. Children connect segments to make the Code-a-Pillar move, then devise a sequence of steps to drive the toy to a target – coding in a nutshell. Thankfully, the plastic grub doesn't require aps or tablets, so parents needn't worry about screen-time overload.



According to reviewers, "an adorable, engaging little toy capable of expressing an impressive array of emotions".

Anki have built a robot that develops as you play with it – the more time you invest, the more skills it builds up and the more multi-dimensional its character becomes. 1.2 million lines of code have gone into the the creation of Cozmo's pixar-cute animated eyes, and it shows. The robot's smartphone coupling also means Anki can push updates, so Cozmo can continue to evolve.



Sitting is the new smoking apparently, and we should all consider redesigning our workspaces to avoid long-term health risks. This New Zealand based start-up has designed a sturdy and portable standing desk. Made from reinforced cardboard and completely recyclable, the Refold means you can set up a standing workspace anywhere. The creative in your life will enjoy customising their desk and impressing passers-by with their ability to unfold their desk in unlikely locations.

Brilliant, simple and a steal at just under £150 for the full set including waterproof top.



Possibly the most hyped gadget of year. The company formerly known as Snapchat (now Snap to its friends) has produced a pair of sunglasses that allow snapchatters to shoot 10 to 30 second video clips hands free. The glasses themselves are well made and the eye-line perspective makes videos feel more like memories than film footage.

The down side? They're harder to get your hands on than greased piglet. Snap are only selling them via portable bots, whose locations you can track on their website. Unless you fancy paying over the odds for a pair on ebay.

Google Daydream


The fabric design of Google's VR viewer make it the most stylish and comfortable on the market. It's also absurdly cheap at £69. If you've got a software-fanatic in the family, this gift will buy them a piece of the VR revolution.

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