The High Five-0 Challenge

We are incredibly excited to be able to support Malcolm Law and the High Five-0 Challenge. It's an amazing journey Mal is embarking on, and we are proud to help out in the best way we can, and support the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand.

Rob Bathgate got to know Mal through the New Zealand trail running grapevine, and soon enough we were having a chat about how we could help out (whilst on a run!).

We embarked on a journey starting with the creative process, tasked with designing with a visual which really sums up the excitement and adventure of the challenge awaiting Mal. From here, we developed this website, complete with a fully customised content management system, allowing Mal to keep all the challenge followers up to date with the latest blog posts, photos and video diary.

We also integrated a fundamental part of the challenge into this website - "Get Involved". This encourages you to get involved some way or another, be it by donating to the event, running alongside Mal, sponsoring a day or helping out in any which way you can.

Behind the scenes all of your submissions and interest is stored in a central database to make Mal's life that little bit easier (because it's going to get tough!). Mal can use the data to produce lists of those people running on each day, send email newsletters to everyone interested in helping out, and much more.

We have also integrated with the team at Fundraise Online to bring you live updates of sponsorship totals, donations and leaderboards.

We are proud to give our creative juices, technical skill and hours of time to the High Five-0 Challenge (and I am super excited about joining Mal for one of these runs in 2015!)

Rob Bathgate, Managing Director, DotPerformance NZ

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A million thanks to our Gold Partner DotPerformance whose creativity, generosity, passion and hard work have made all this possible, thanks to your web wizardary. You have performed heroics and built an awesome website for the Challenge.

Malcolm Law Endurance Athlete and possibly Crazy Man
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