Smarter, better, faster - we get fired up about cast metal

At a Glance

Our bespoke new interactive website helps Synchro turn up the heat on its competitors.

The Challenge

As the heavy metals industry experiences increasing competition and market challenges, efficiency becomes ever more vital.

With software specifically designed to enable these efficiencies, Synchro wanted to build greater awareness and drive more sales of its flagship Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) product.

They needed a new website which communicated the flexibilty and capabilty of their software and the company itself, while maintaining integration with their back-office systems and Live Chat facility.

Our Approach

We started by designing a contemporary new brand, bringing this together with a stunning new mobile-responsive website with clear calls to action on every page.

Synchro mobile view

When driving efficiencies, speed is essential. To this end, we ensured that Synchro's new website was well-ordered with an intelligible content hierarchy.

What's more, potential customers now no longer need to pick up the phone for a quote. The implementation of a bespoke multi-currency licence calculator, enables users to quickly compare the various options for their business and request a demo in just a click - further sharpening Synchro's competitive edge.

And with full control of their content via our custom content management system the Synchro team can quickly access detailed enquiries submitted by their users for prompt follow up.

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