Powersmart Solar

Web Software Development for the Tokelau Renewable Energy project.

Powersmart Solar is New Zealand's leading solar power integrator. They signed on as the lead contractor for the multi-million dollar Tokelau Renewable Energy project in which they will replace diesel electricity systems with solar power systems and battery storage.

Previously, the generators burnt approximately 200 litres of diesel daily which Powersmart Solar will be replacing with 4,032 solar panels and batteries across the three atolls of Tokelau in the South Pacific.

This renewable energy project will enable Tokelau to be the first country to be 100% powered by solar and to meet 100% of their climate change requirements.

DotPerfomance worked with Powersmart Solar to develop the software link between the Solar Power hardware and a visual interface enabling live views of the exact state of the entire system. This included the live solar power generation, state of the batteries and power demand from the villages.

The software automatically communicates with the hardware to obtain the latest data, ensuring live figures and immediate reporting, whilst the visual interface allows the user to instantly see the essential data at a glance, with richer and deeper range of figures, statistics and historical data also presented.

We also developed the software to be flexible, allowing for varying hardware configurations, remote access and remote set up so that they could be installed easy and quickly whilst in the middle of the South Pacific. This also enables the software to be reconfigured and provided to residential customers for much smaller solar power installations.

The software was developed using web technologies, including PHP and mySQL, whilst being entirely standalone without the requirement of an internet connection (something quite unreliable in Tokelau!) and loadable straight from a flash drive.

We are very excited about this project, as it provided us with the opportunity to make use of our web development skills in quite a different way for a standalone piece of software.
Being part of such an excellent renewable energy project is also a highlight.

Rob Bathgate, Managing Director, DotPerformance NZ

Bespoke Web Application Development

This interface developed by DotPerformance provides an integral link between our hardware and the user, and the functionality and flexibility of the software is perfect.

They have a sound understand of very technical concepts, and have provided us with a fantastic solution, meeting and exceeding our expectations.

Shane Robinson Powersmart Solar Director

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