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Onchan Commissioners wanted to embrace technology to improve communication with its constituents. There was a desire to make content more readily available in a format people were more familiar with and to ensure people are aware of the wide range of activities conducted by the Commissioners.

Feedback has been very encouraging and the end result is a community which is more connected, cohesive and informed about what happens in their neighbourhood.

There was a lot of information to gather and organise into a meaningful and organised structure, which would be accessible to a wide spectrum of end-user. We took great lengths to ensure no sector of the community would be alienated and the experience would suits all levels of technical-proficiency.

In fact, based in Onchan, DotPerformance were surprised to discover the wide range of community events taking place around them and it was an eye-opener to work on a project so close to home. This same sentiment has cropped up frequently when people have provided feedback about the website.

The website was built with the latest web best practices including a responsive design which adapts to work on all current devices. We took particular attention to the web analytics setup so comprehensive reporting was available to demonstrate the performance of the website, which was particularly crucial for a public service website.

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