North Shore Air

North Shore Air is a small and friendly airline based on Auckland's North Shore that provides a scheduled air service as well as private charter flights to any main airport in NZ.

The client's team approached us to create them not only a fresh and high quality website but also to build the functionality to facilitate them to operate a smooth and efficient airline service.

From the outset we involved everyone; the Founder, the Quality Assurance Advisor, the Pilots and the Admin personnel. By taking their list of requirements along with industry benchmarking, we were able to tick all the boxes and created a bespoke management system. Whilst both Pilots and Admin use this system to perform their duties it also makes their lives easier and saves them a lot of admin time.

For the North Shore Air team, they have a complete booking management system whereby they can:

  • manage all bookings on an easy to use, easy on the eye, interface;
  • manage payment systems with ability to give instant refunds;
  • manage the boarding process with the quick and easy boarding tool;
  • create and print manifest reports for each flight;
  • use the weight checking functionality for flight planning;
  • update the flight status at the push of a button;
  • change flight prices and add special deals to set periods on any flight;
  • limit the weight availability on selected flights which informs customer instantly of availability;
  • store important documents for all staff to access, download and print;
  • see their Facebook posts instantly appear on their community page.

Flying can be tiresome, stressful and sometimes frustrating. In order to start the journey off as it should (smoothly), users are greeted with a fresh and easy to use site that operates in a way that will leave them feeling confident and ready to travel.

Here is what you can expect from the North Shore Air website:

  • a clean, fresh design with easy navigation;
  • simple functions and steps in order to secure your flight booking;
  • quick and easy view of your flight status and booking;
  • travel tips, FAQ's and travel insurance recommendations;
  • an integrated Facebook feed to keep you up to date with North Shore Air news;
  • a mobile and tablet friendly site, so you can book a flight from any device.

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