Next Level Cycling

Dynamic brand identity sets the wheels in motion for a local cycling coach.

At a Glance

An exciting new brand wrapped up in a bespoke, responsive website complete with PayPal integration and easy to use content management system.

The Challenge

Former professional cyclist Chris Whorrall came to us seeking to attract clients to his new cycling coaching business.

He wanted a website that looked totally different to everything else but one that allowed easy purchasing of his coaching packages.

Our Approach

We know that a successful brand must connect with the right audience in the right way.

Next Level Cycling's energetic look reflects the highly active nature of cycling training. A dynamic video background communicates a sense of drive and momentum calculated to kindle the ambition of the Island's budding cyclists.

Next Level Cycling mobile

But it isn't all about looks.

The website's flexibility offers Chris' potential clients a choice of subscribing to three levels of monthly training plans, or purchasing one-off training packages, with all payments seamlessly processed via PayPal.

Along with managing customer orders, our content management system allows Chris to create and modify his site's content and package pricing details whenever needed.

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