Newsons are a family retailer on the Isle of Man and have been selling high quality outdoor and work wear for many years from their shop based in Douglas.

They ventured into online sales via their eBay and Amazon stores to reach a wider off-island customer base. Due to exponential growth, they felt it was time to run their own online store. Naturally they chose local web design agency DotPerformance to deliver the goods.

We started talking with Sam from Newsons about who their typical client was, to get an understanding of what expectations they would have from shopping online. 

We conducted extensive research into the best ecommerce stores we could find, primarily to determine where the bar was at and also to build up a feature list of functionality that customers would expect to see.

The results of the research was the driving force behind the website design process, of which the output was a prototype shop we could use to get a feel for the user experience. This also incorporated new logo design and brand freshen-up.

Traditionally a lot of time is spent on wire-framing, designing and then building a website, each stage a distinctly separate part of the process and often carried out by different people. We opt to do just enough in each stage to allow us to start the next as soon as possible, so that we can get to the end product quicker, even if it's just a static prototype held together by 'sticky tape'. It allows us to 'use' the interface quicker and get that important feedback on how effective the site is at achieving its goals.

Once we had a solid prototype, our CMS developers moved in to bring everything to life and allowed Sam to start adding his vast catalogue of products, continuing our develop-quick-and-use-it approach, so that we could address any potential usability issues before they became a pain-point.

Naturally the website works across any device, ensuring wherever you are, you can order your gear online.

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