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When we first met Philvinder, we were greeted with a fantastic idea and heaps of enthusiam. We soon began working alongside her, on the development of what has become

During the early stages of the project, our creative team had a lot fun playing with various logo concepts, settling on a fun Kiwi, tarted up to look formal..... just like he was at school. This was soon complemented by a clean, crisp and modern website design.

New Zealand Relief Teachers offers search, book and reporting tools, resulting in a super-easy and streamlined connection between Schools and Relief Teachers.

With the addition of automated reminders, geocoding and distance calculations, and a responsive and dedicated mobile view, it stands head and shoulders above the crowd.

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I'm a teacher and thought of a unique idea that would benefit schools & teachers. I drafted my idea and approached many web developers.

DotPerformance was recommended to me and out of all the companies I met with, they said they could do what I wanted in the quickest time!

They far exceeded my expectations and have been excellent to work with. I would recommend them to anyone in a similar situation, they have been professional, efficient and delivered exactly what I wanted!

Thanks guys!

Philvinder Singh New Zealand Relief Teachers
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