Manx Miracles

Manx Miracles is a parent-led Isle of Man Charity for children who have additional needs and disabilities. Their objective is to raise money for children and families on the Isle of Man who face significant challenges and have additional needs.

Their first fundraising mission is an ambitious programme to build and fit out a Sensory Play Room for Pre-School Assessment Centre, Pulrose. They aim to raise £80,000 to create a sensory enriched environment designed to support children with multi-sensory processing difficulties.

We developed a comprehensive brand strategy for Manx Miracles including their logo mark, branding system and online presence. We crafted a vibrant and fun visual language to portray the new Manx charity in a friendly, approachable manner. The website further establishes the new brand identity, using bright colours and playful imagery. Animated, attention grabbing "Donate" buttons are integrated to Paypal, making it quick and simple to make a donation to the charity.

An engaging visual strategy combined with a streamlined donation process is sure to help the "Manx Miracle Mission" on its way.

Being a new charity on the Island we wanted to make a strong visual impact to help them get recognition and the funds they need for their charitable Missions.

Andy Orton, Managing Director, DotPerformance

We continue to work with Manx Miracles to create all of their marketing materials, inlcuding posters, banners and leaflets.

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A huge big massive thank you to DotPerformance who have done a fabulous job and donated an incredible amount of time and expertise to make this happen. We can't thank you enough and are overwhelmed by your kindness.

Louise Connor Manx Miracles Founder
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