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We set out to create a unified experience across the 3 brands (KWC, The Buchan and the Alumni) and improve upon an already successful website. We wanted to enhance the user experience while providing a clear structure for the diverse range of content the school produces.

Finally we wanted to build a site that was accessible to as many users as possible on as many devices as possible.

We started by benchmarking the current website against other high performing schools in the UK and abroad. Taking those findings our User Experience Design Team developed a set of wireframes which demonstrated the possible user experiences to the project stakeholders.

With a solid structure in place we then designed a world-class interface that was responsive by default. We liaised with the various stakeholders on the project ensuring we built an experience they would all be proud of.

The school now has a highly usable and clean interface that unifies the brands. The design is backed up by an easy to use Content Management system that allows for multiple stake holders to control the content for their individual areas of interest. The website is highly usable and the content is now well structured with high priority information such as term dates and contact information in logical and easy to access sections.

This has all resulted in improved engagement rates across the 3 sites.

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I researched various companies before deciding to use DotPerformance to design and produce the new King William’s College and Buchan website.

We are extremely happy with the way it has turned out. The creative input was excellent and the CMS system is a joy, so quick and easy to use. The staff are efficient, have loads of ideas to get the most out of the site and always on hand to help. I would definitely recommend them.

Judy Bell
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