Isle of Man Post Office

Probably most well known for its unique stamp and coin collections that are coveted by collectors around the world, Isle of Man Post Office had been eager to improve its online presence and overall experience for its customers at home and abroad.

As a result, the new website embraces a host of new features and services that capitalise on our ability to deliver cutting-edge technical expertise married to intuitive design.

The research process involved benchmarking against over 30 similar international sites. Working in a design-led, co-operative creative process with the Isle of Man Post Office, we considered a multitude of user personas, all accessing the site across multiple devices to identify the needs of real-world users and putting the user experience to the front and centre of the design process.

This was then developed into a solution which integrates seamlessly with the existing Post Office's systems and business are now much more immediate and greater operational efficiency can be achieved with multiple systems integration.

Over the last four years, our analytics have shown that the number of people viewing our clients' websites through mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets has increased dramatically. A key feature of our strategy for the Isle of Man Post Office website was to ensure that its customers can view the content they require and use the services they need, no matter what device they are utilising.

Given the exclusive products that Isle of Man Post Office produces, we developed a friendly online shop that allows visitors to order and pre-order stamp and coin collections.

One of the key challenges was to ensure availability of the vast scope of services that the Isle of Man Post Office offers to a Global demographic. The size and scope of the project demanded a comprehensive and collective approach to the digital strategy, to become more innovative, efficient and internationally competitive.

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We are delighted with the new site that DotPerformance has assisted us in producing. We feel one of the greatest benefits of the new website is the improved presentation of the wide range of services and products offered, increasing uptake through higher conversion rates and a better user experience via online channels.

Lisa Duckworth Isle of Man Post Office Commercial Director
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