A website to represent a company you can place your trust in.

The Challenge

IQE provides fiduciary services in the Isle of Man and Mauritius; their business is complex, offering a diverse range of services. This complexity makes it especially important that their website is clean, simple and a pleasure to use.

IQE's corporate identity is one of trust: their guiding principles are integrity, quality and expertise. For this reason, their website needed to reflect the skills and experience of their staff.

While this identity would be reflected across two separate locations, the site also had to be easy to maintain, with staff able to update content and images easily.

Our Approach

These days companies all need to work towards communicating better with their customers online. An image of a friendly face opens a conversation – it begins the rapport that can lead to a rewarding working relationship. We wanted to add images of the IQE team in person to the site and so we art directed a corporate photoshoot. The result is a series of welcoming portraits of staff and their new offices.

iqe mobile mockup

IQE has a strong idea of what their brand represents. As a consequence, we worked closely with them to ensure that brand continuity was maintained – this meant that the visual identity and colour scheme of their off and online communications remained in balance.

Our design is one of solidity. Authoritative typefaces combine with clean lines and an uncluttered layout to create a strong, simple feel. The bold use of colour provide an air of assurance.

While IQE's local offices and those in Mauritius offer similar services, they are distinct enough to require separate sites. We took care while partitioning the two sites to ensure that the content and structure of each was sufficiently distinct to uphold its own search engine optimisation value. This means that wherever you are, a search engine query will bring up the correct site for your location.

Built with the latest mobile responsive front end framework and using our bespoke content management system, the new websites enable IQE to keep their content up to date while maintaining their core values online.

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